How can I help?

I can offer you a large choice of classes to suit your individual needs:

  • No opportunities to practise speaking English in your home country? Practise your skills with me and my online lessons!

  • Living in Oxford and need to develop your skills for daily life? I can help you with face-to-face lessons!


You can choose from general English, English for your business or job, or exam preparation lessons; I will plan the perfect private lesson for you!

60 minutes: In-person lessons are only available in Oxford and can take place in your home, Oxford Central Library or a local cafe. £26.00

40 minutes: Online lessons will take place using Zoom or Skype. £16.00

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General English

I can help you improve your English skills for traveling, socialising or entertainment purposes. Lessons are relaxed, interactive and fully immersive: you will be encouraged to speak English for the duration of each lesson!

Your lessons could focus on:

  • Speaking and conversational skills

  • Listening and understanding

  • Pronunciation

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Writing

  • Reading

English for Business/Work

Do you need English for your career? I can help you improve your communication skills to get the job you want or give you more confidence using English at work.

You can choose to practise:

  • Writing a CV and applying for a job in English

  • Job interviews

  • Writing emails or reports

  • Speaking on the telephone

  • Giving a presentation

  • Business meetings

  • Using polite/diplomatic language

  • Sharing opinions

  • Negotiations

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Graduation Caps

English Exam Preparation

Are you planning to attend an English-speaking university and do you need to pass an exam to study there? Do you want a job in a different country and need to prove you have strong English skills? English exams can be difficult and stressful, but with extra practise and classes that focus on the main skills and techniques required to pass, I can help you get the grade or score that you need.

I can provide guidance and support with:

  • FCE

  • CAE



  • English GCSE